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Since you are here though, here are a few reasons why you should find a good real estate agent to either buy or sell a home.

Qualities To Look For In A Top Real Estate Agent

A great agent in real estate will possess a variety of qualities that make the selling or buying of a home easier for clients.

It can be difficult to decide who to work with when there are so many real-estate agents available. How do you determine if you have found the right real estate agent?

It can be extremely stressful to purchase or sell a home

It is important to have a good real estate agent. There are many players in residential real estate. These include appraisers and home inspectors, property managers and contractors. Bankers and mortgage loan officers and government agencies also play a role. Potential buyers and sellers can also be involved. The real estate brokers and agents are the real workhorses of a typical real estate transaction.

A good agent can be described as a conductor in an orchestra, working with all the players to achieve a successful transaction. The real estate agent can be a buyer's advocate or a seller's representative, as well as a consultant, analyst, business manager, negotiator and marketer at different stages of the process. There are many traits and qualities that successful real-estate professionals share.

Top real estate agents know the local market

Although any agent can help, it is best to work with a local real estate agent. They will be able to tell you all about the area, and what its pros and cons are. A knowledgeable REALTOR®  can also help you with details such as property taxes, water rates and availability of public transport. These are all vital details if you're moving to a new area. Having an agent who is familiar with the area will make the process much simpler.

A real estate agent should have a deep understanding of the entire market, not just the area where you are selling or buying. They should be constantly learning new topics and continue their professional and personal development.

Your real estate market will determine the best selling time. Homes can be sold in as little as 30 business days in hot markets. It can take longer to sell a home in rural areas or cooler markets. Your agent should inform you about the average time it takes for a home to go on the market in your area, and give an estimate of how long it should take to sell. They should then do everything they can to fulfill that estimate.

Great real estate agents know how to use current technology

Leading agents integrate new technology in the selling process. Technology tools not only help agents find clients but also make it easier for sellers to find buyers quickly. This is good news for you. It's a necessity in today's realty industry to use the digital marketing tools of social media. If you use a REALTOR® that has mastered social media, your home will be more visible to potential buyers. Technology-savvy agents can use tools such as virtual open houses and 3D tours. Homebuyers who are interested in showcasing their home before they visit it in person will appreciate these extras.

Your REALTOR® is honest, whether it's for good or bad

Great agents understand the importance of communicating with clients. This means that they communicate clearly with their clients, answer all questions, respond to calls whenever needed, and provide feedback about everything, from pricing to home improvement, to help you make the best sale possible. It is no surprise that 81% of sellers consider responsiveness extremely important or very important. A great agent is not only able to provide the basic services, but they also have skills that are unique. These agents are gems in the rough. They use their skills to ensure every client receives the best possible financial and emotional outcome for their home sale or purchase.

Agents for buyers vs. agents for sellers

The buyer's agent assists in the negotiation of the purchase. They make an offer and counter-offers to the seller's agent in order to secure the property. Both agents will work together to finish the paperwork once the bid has been accepted. Each agent will update the client and supervise the closing. Your expectation as the seller is that your agent will represent you and your best interests. Federal law allows an agent to represent both the seller and buyer. The agent must inform both the seller and buyer of their binary representation.

Wrap Up

Although everyone must start somewhere, it is worth having an experienced real estate agent by your side. One who has been through a few sales and knows the intricacies of the whole process. Top agents are familiar with a wide range of situations and can assist you in navigating through the most difficult situations, such as financing or inspections. Even if it is difficult to make decisions, the right agent will find a way forward. They will draw on their knowledge and experience to help you get your house sold as quickly as possible and for top dollar, or find your new dream home. Again, if you need to sell your current house, or find a new home, visit CompleteRealtyTeam.com or call (404) 410-6465

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